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Putting on the Armour of the Blood of Christ

Putting on the Blood of Christ as a daily meditation can add a whole new layer of protection to our lives as well as pull us into a deeper connection with God as we “marry” Him and He says over us, “Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” Listen here to Richard Kinney […]

The Peace of Christ Meditation Exercise

In this meditation exercise, Richard Kinney leads us into the river of peace where we can relax and soak in the peace of Christ. Click here to listen.

Our Wills: Part of Being Made in God’s Image

Click on the Picture to open this blog post. Richard Kinney and Nancy Moelk both teach on the treasure of having a will and how to set it free to be infused with the power and love of the Holy Spirit. Lining up your will with God’s doesn’t have to be a downer. Listen to […]

The Love and Approval of God

The Love and Approval of God By Richard Kinney Read the teaching below and listen to the exercise by clicking here. We are going to talk about the love and approval of God for each one of us. And about how most of us haven’t accessed this and have actually been mostly discouraged from this. […]

Fill Your Home with The Light of Christ that Dwells Within You (Prayer)

Click here to listen and repeat this prayer with Richard and Nancy. The prayer that Richard asks Nancy if she says it every day is written out for you below. Do you have trouble feeling the power and love inside of you? Here is a prayer for you to repeat every day with a brief […]

What is Glory? How Can I Experience It?

What is God’s Glory? Click here to hear Richard Kinney explain what is glory. To do an exercise for experiencing God’s glory led by Richard Kinney click here.

Daily Protection Prayers

To hear these prayers in audio and repeat them, click here. Psalm 91 1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” 3 Surely he […]

Getting to the Deeper Levels of Our Souls

Click here to listen to Getting to the Deeper Levels of Our Souls. This teaching covers the five levels of the soul and how we can receive healing in our deepest levels. The five levels are our thinking, our feeling, our relational capacity, our protective/instinctual responses and our attachment needs. Dr. Moelk also gives a […]

Where Should the Focus Be in Counseling?

Too much of counseling wants to focus exclusively on one part of the soul: mind, will, emotions or just the spiritual climate of the soul. This creates an imbalance in helping someone and can keep them stuck in an unnatural life posture as a result of their counseling process. Exclusive focus on the mind creates […]

Watch this video to learn more about The School of the Four Living Creatures


Q: How do I sign up for individual prayer ministry counseling?

Here is the process for requesting help from Richard Kinney or Nancy. First send an email requesting to be considered. At that point, Richard /Nancy will pray as to whether the Lord is leading them to be the one to help you at this particular time. After they have prayed they will contact you and let you know what they have received. We will talk with you about moving forward from there.  

Q: What is the School of the Four Living Creatures?

This is a four track school (Levels 1 and 2) which instructs and leads believers into a more balanced and functional spiritual life. By developing in a balanced way, in all four aspects of God as portrayed in the Four Living Creatures, we find that we get stronger people who grow much faster with better fruit in every area of life.

The school also serves as a foundation for those who wish to eventually study how to be counselors under the direction of Nancy Moelk and Richard Kinney. The individual Schools, both Levels 1 and 2,  are a requirement for acceptance into the Prayer Ministry Counseling track.

Q: Is this free or do I have to pay?

Both. There are free courses available as well as many great spiritual exercises and articles on the blog. If you do the regular school, it is only $50 per School (Man, Eagle, Lion, Ox) and there are six lessons in each.

Q: How do I study the courses in the School of the Four Living Creatures?

The School of the Four Living Creatures is a self-study course. Once you sign up and make an account you will have access to the  files right from the website. Word documents for you to download are provided at the end of Questions, Personal Application Activities and Quizzes for your convenience in writing your responses right into the files.


Q: How long does a typical course take?

There is no time limit

Q: Where can I find other written resources to help me with my family and personal issues?


Click above on the Blog or All Courses which will take you to a page of various products available to you. There are booklets, devotional workbooks and mini courses to help you with a variety of issues.

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