Exercises to Help You Grow Spiritually

Getting to the Deeper Levels of the Soul

Nancy Moelk teaches on the five levels of the soul: thinking, feeling, relational capacity, protective/instinctual and attachment. Too much of our experience in “growth” focuses on the upper layers and rarely gets us to the deeper levels, where true change and transformation take place. Click here to listen.

What is the Glory and How Can I Experience It?

Richard Kinney explains the Glory in the first audio file here and then, in the second, he leads us in an exercise to experience God’s Glory for ourselves. What is The Glory? Glory Exercise

Atmosphere Control

http://media.blubrry.com/firehouse_ministries/content.blubrry.com/firehouse_ministries/atmosphere_control.m4a Richard Kinney teaches how to be aware of and control your personal atmosphere as a protection against evil influences and situations. So simple, children can learn to do it. Particularly helpful for sensitive people who tend to be overly influenced by the atmosphere of others. See also Filling Your Home with the Light of […]

How My Healing Journey Began by Nancy Moelk

Years ago, I faced a crisis in life where every area of my life seemed to be a wreck. I was depressed and anxious and on several meds. We were poor and without prospects for good jobs. (In 1986 we made about $11,000 for a family of six) The children were not getting great attention […]

Spiritual Barbwire by Richard Kinney

Spiritual Barbwire   Richard Kinney teaches the “why” and “how” to bring God’s Kingdom rules and order to your life and territory. Allowing evil to prevail in our midst is not the normal Christian life. We can declare God’s reign and rule in a way that influences our lives and those around us.

How Can a Christian Maturely Express Anger?

How Can a Christian Maturely Express Anger? How do I handle angry feelings in life? Are they always a sin? Are they every helpful or effective? What if I feel guilty or distressed when I express any anger? Or what if I “loose it” and go into rages that are destructive to myself and those […]

Are You a Controlling Person Quiz

Are You a Controlling Person? Here is a self-examination quiz to help you see if you have the roots and practices of someone who is a “controlling” person. 1. I have a low opinion of myself and this blocks me from being able to easily receive the love of others or from God. This leaves […]

Fill Your Home with The Light of Christ that Dwells Within You (Prayer)
Click here to listen and repeat this prayer with Richard and Nancy. The prayer that Richard asks Nancy if she says it every day is written out for you below. Do you have trouble feeling the power and love inside of you? Here is a prayer for you to repeat every day with a brief [...]
The Love and Approval of God

The Love and Approval of God By Richard Kinney Read the teaching below and listen to the exercise by clicking here. We are going to talk about the love and approval of God for each one of us. And about how most of us haven’t accessed this and have actually been mostly discouraged from this. […]

Watch this video to learn more about The School of the Four Living Creatures


Q: How do I sign up for individual prayer ministry counseling?

Here is the process for requesting help from Richard Kinney or Nancy. First send an email requesting to be considered. At that point, Richard /Nancy will pray as to whether the Lord is leading them to be the one to help you at this particular time. After they have prayed they will contact you and let you know what they have received. We will talk with you about moving forward from there.  

Q: What is the School of the Four Living Creatures?

This is a four track school (Levels 1 and 2) which instructs and leads believers into a more balanced and functional spiritual life. By developing in a balanced way, in all four aspects of God as portrayed in the Four Living Creatures, we find that we get stronger people who grow much faster with better fruit in every area of life.

The school also serves as a foundation for those who wish to eventually study how to be counselors under the direction of Nancy Moelk and Richard Kinney. The individual Schools, both Levels 1 and 2,  are a requirement for acceptance into the Prayer Ministry Counseling track.

Q: How do I study the courses in the School of the Four Living Creatures?

The School of the Four Living Creatures is a self-study course. Once you sign up and make an account you will have access to the  files right from the website. Word documents for you to download are provided at the end of Questions, Personal Application Activities and Quizzes for your convenience in writing your responses right into the files.

For those hoping to be accepted into the Prayer Ministry Counseling track, they will need to turn in their answers to the Questions, Personal Application Activities and Quizzes as part of their application process.

Q: How long does a typical course take?

You will have three months to complete each Level Course. For instance, The School of the Man, Level 1, has six lessons and you will have three months to complete them. The same applies for The School of the Eagle, The School of the Lion and The School of the Ox. Level 2 will be the same.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for the Prayer Ministry Counseling Track?

All people desiring to study in the counselor track will be required to complete both Level 1 and Level 2 of the School of the Four Living Creatures. We value highly the personal development and maturity of anyone hoping to minister to others and request that you allow the materials in our School to have a full impact on your life personally.


Remember that these courses are more of an experiential rather than an informational curriculum. Since one of the biggest foundations for helping others is to have grown and matured yourself, it is wise to go over the concepts presented in the first four levels making sure you have applied them to your life. The further instruction provided in the Counseling program will help you to become an effective counselor.

Another prerequisite is that you have a minimum of four counseling appointments with either Richard or Nancy before graduating.

Q: Where can I find other written resources to help me with my family and personal issues?

Click above on All Courses which will take you to a page of various products available to you. There are booklets, devotional workbooks and mini courses to help you with a variety of issues.

Q: How can I get university credit for my courses in the School of the Four Living Creatures?

This option is not yet available but we hope to provide this in the future. The credits will be part of a wider curriculum provided by the sponsoring University. Make sure to sign up to receive news from Firehouse Ministries, Inc. at the bottom of this page.


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