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Q: How do I sign up for individual prayer ministry counseling?

Here is the process for requesting help from Richard Kinney or Nancy. First send an email requesting to be considered. At that point, Richard /Nancy will pray as to whether the Lord is leading them to be the one to help you at this particular time. If they get the go ahead, you will either be set up with an initial appointment or put on a waiting list. If the answer is no, then you can request a list of other resources. There is a possibility of making another request for help after 6 months or more.

Q: What is the School of the Four Living Creatures?

This is a four part school which instructs and leads believers in Jesus Christ into a more balanced and functional expression of the oneness with Christ that is ours through the life of God which dwells in us.

Q: How do I study the courses in the School of the Four Living Creatures?

The School of the Four Living Creatures is a self-study course. Once you sign up and make an account you will have access to the audio or video files right from the website. You will not download the audio or video files. The rest of the curriculum you will download into your own computer or phone or device as either a PDF or Word document. Word documents are provided for Questions, Personal Application Activities and Quizzes for your convenience in writing your responses right into the files.

Q: How long does a typical course take?

You will have three months to complete each Level Course. For instance, The School of the Man, Level 1, has six lessons and you will have three months to complete them. Of course, the same applies for The School of the Eagle, The School of the Lion and The School of the Ox.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for the Prayer Ministry Counseling Track?

All four Level 1 Courses are required before someone enrolls in the Christian Prayer Ministry Track: The School of the Man, The School of the Eagle, The School of the Lion and The School of the Ox. Remember that these courses are more of an experiential rather than an informational curriculum. Since one of the biggest foundations for helping others is to have grown and matured yourself, it is wise to go over the concepts presented in the first four levels making sure you have applied them to your life.

Q: How can I get university credit for my courses in the School of the Four Living Creatures?

This option is not yet available but should be ready by September of 2016. The credits be part of a wider curriculum provided by the sponsoring University. Make sure to sign up to receive news from Firehouse Ministries, Inc..


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Gratitude and Stepping into Freedom from Pain

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Love and Approval

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