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Change Management for the Soul: Volume 1

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Exercises to Help You Grow Spiritually

The Light Exercise

Use this exercise by Richard Kinney to invite the light of Christ to travel through your body’s cells to bring healing and divine order.

Desenmascarando al Espíritu Religioso de Nuevas Maneras Por Richard Kinney

Recientemente he visto un lado completamente nuevo del espíritu religioso. Me gustaría compartir esta información con el mayor número de personas que pueda dentro del Cuerpo de Cristo. Los rompimientos y sanaciones ligados a esto han sido dinámicos. Aquí hay una nueva perspectiva a la manera como el espíritu religioso entra y lastima a muchos […]

Testimonies of Healings seen during Bogota Mission Trip with Gary Oates

Testimonies – Columbia Bogota Mission Trip   July 29 to August 5th, 2019         Nancy Moelk: July 30, 2019 Columbia I saw ten healings tonight. One woman had carpel tunnel syndrome and that was healed. She also had pain in her chest and pain in her back and that was healed. Another woman had pain in her […]

Llena tu hogar o tu lugar de trabajo con la luz de Cristo

By Richard Kinney, Director, Firehouse Ministries, Inc. Dios conéctame ahora con mi ser espiritual, y permite que la luz de Cristo irradie desde ese perfecto portal de Dios a través de cada célula de mi cuerpo, a través de cada partícula de mi alma y de mi mente. Permite que mi mente, voluntad y emociones […]

Uncovering the Religious Spirit in New Ways

Uncovering the Religious Spirit in New Ways by Richard Kinney Listen here or read below. Very recently I have seen a whole other side of the religious spirit. I’d like to share this information with as many others within the Body of Christ as I can. The breakthroughs and healings attached to this have been […]

What About Stubbornness?

The following is an excerpt from Nancy Moelk’s new book Change Management for the Soul: MINE now available on amazon.com. This comes from a section on our Wills. The Self-Test For Coming Out of Stubbornness is especially helpful. Some Christians dwell on the surrender of the will as if that means to throw it away […]

Getting to the Deeper Levels of the Soul

Nancy Moelk teaches on the five levels of the soul: thinking, feeling, relational capacity, protective/instinctual and attachment. Too much of our experience in “growth” focuses on the upper layers and rarely gets us to the deeper levels, where true change and transformation take place. Click here to listen.

What is the Glory and How Can I Experience It?

Richard Kinney explains the Glory in the first audio file here and then, in the second, he leads us in an exercise to experience God’s Glory for ourselves. What is The Glory? Glory Exercise

Atmosphere Control

Richard Kinney teaches how to be aware of and control your personal atmosphere (click here to listen) as a protection against evil influences and situations. So simple, children can learn to do it. Particularly helpful for sensitive people who tend to be overly influenced by the atmosphere of others. See also Filling Your Home with […]

Watch this video to learn more about The School of the Four Living Creatures


Q: How do I sign up for individual prayer ministry counseling?

Here is the process for requesting help from Richard Kinney or Nancy. First send an email requesting to be considered. At that point, Richard /Nancy will pray as to whether the Lord is leading them to be the one to help you at this particular time. After they have prayed they will contact you and let you know what they have received. We will talk with you about moving forward from there.  

Q: What is the School of the Four Living Creatures?

This is a four track school (Levels 1 and 2) which instructs and leads believers into a more balanced and functional spiritual life. By developing in a balanced way, in all four aspects of God as portrayed in the Four Living Creatures, we find that we get stronger people who grow much faster with better fruit in every area of life.

All classes are free.

Q: How do I study the courses in the School of the Four Living Creatures?

The School of the Four Living Creatures is a self-study course. Anyone can access the  files right from the website. If you want to make a comment, though, you will need to create a user name and log in to do that. Your comment will be approved by Firehouse Ministries and posted. 

Q: Where can I find other written resources to help me with my family and personal issues?

On amazon.com, Nancy Moelk has a book called, Good Grief: Ending Up in the Divine Embrace. This helpful short book can prepare you to meet life’s challenges in a whole new way by helping to clear out unresolved grief issues and a lack of self-esteem. It will also lead you into a better relationship with God as you trust Him to meet the needs which were never addressed by life losses.

In 2019 another book by Nancy Moelk will be available called, Change Management for the Soul, Vol. I, MINE. It maps out how we are made in God’s image to take charge of our territory, make good choices and create an atmosphere where we can give and receive love. We will move towards a healthier life when we come into this divine order, and like God over His creation, we will be able to sit back and say, “It is good.”


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