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What is Firehouse Ministries, Inc.?

Firehouse Ministries, Inc. is a teaching, mentoring and prayer counseling ministry located in the greater Atlanta, GA area.   Since its beginning in 2002, the ministry’s purpose has been to build up believers in Christ to receive emotional and physical healing, spiritual growth, and personal development. Through office visits available at two Conyers locations and counseling via telephone sessions, believers have access to the wealth of wisdom and understanding that God has brought to Firehouse Ministries.

            Director Richard Kinney and Co-Director Nancy Moelk have helped believers from Atlanta to California, and around the world to experience true deliverance and freedom through the Holy Spirit. Richard and Nancy’s insights and techniques have been developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, coupled with their own long formation working with other counseling schools and ministries. They instruct individuals how to pray effectively, to focus on the Lord, and to gain strength through God’s rest. Their instruction includes individual counseling sessions, guest speaking at events, and materials, like the School of the Four Living Creatures, available on this website. For more information about Firehouse Ministries, please contact them at firehousemoelk@comcast.net.   

Dr. Nancy Moelk

After over a decade of learning, teaching and training in a Christian ministry that promoted emotional and spiritual well-being, Dr. Nancy Moelk saw that she herself, and those she ministered needed more than what she had to offer. In April of 1999 she took off a month from work to rest and seek God’s provision. As she prayed, she felt God was directing her to go to a church that was experiencing renewal. He led her to visit several churches that were in renewal. She wondered how the power she felt at these churches fit in with the way the Spirit had been using her and the ministry she had been working in for the last several years. Nancy prayed that God would send someone to her to help her grow in the gifts of the Spirit so that her work in counseling could have added power and authority.

Nancy Moelk was in ministry to Muslims for seven years in France and North Africa. She was Director of Education for an inner healing organization for 8 years training lay ministers and professionals to incorporate Biblical principles and effective techniques to help people heal. Since 2002 she has been Co-Director of Firehouse Ministries, Inc. and has taught, counseled and written materials to aid the Body of Christ in effective Christian spiritual growth and emotional health.

Nancy has a Doctorate of Ministry Degree and also a Masters of Divinity with a Concentration in Christian Counseling. 

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Richard Kinney

Richard Kinney, at the same time, was in Atlanta, Georgia working as a Christian counselor and helping people develop and grow in their spiritual lives. At that time he felt God encourage him to learn and develop in his understanding/experience of grief and the deeper emotional triggers that really help people change. A counselee told him about a weekend conference near Nashville addressing those very things. He felt urged by God in the strongest way to attend. Nancy was teaching and ministering at this conference. Richard happened to be in her small group out of 125 participants. The two met and in time decided to help one another learn about the other’s method of healing ministry.

Richard worked for over twenty years in the inner city helping the needy and homeless, as well as serving as a missionary and pastor in several different cities in the United States with an organization similar to the Salvation Army. He later trained as a counselor with John and Paula Sanford’s training program. Richard operates in a powerful gift of prophecy and has been mentoring and counseling many Christians, particularly leadership, since 1998. Since 2002 he has been Director of Firehouse Ministries, Inc. and has taught and counseled the Body of Christ in effective Christian spiritual growth and emotional health.

He now teams up with Nancy Moelk to add his spiritual gift and anointing of the Father’s love and power to her powerful teaching ministry.

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Board of Directors

Richard Kinney, President of the Board/Director of the Ministry
Dr. Nancy Moelk, Co-Director,
Randi Pearson of Atlanta, Georgia, Educator
Mark Thabet of Raleigh SC, Computer Care Specialist
Timothy Scaggs of Raleigh, MetLife, Raleigh, NC