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Prayer Counseling Client

I used to be such a sick pup! My gosh, I don’t know how you stood me sometimes, because I surely couldn’t stand myself–but my ego was rampant–I couldn’t see it for what it was. An egomaniac with an inferiority complex. You’d be surprised, I think, to know how much legacy both yourself and Richard have in my life. I quote both of you frequently. I shared one of your quotes tonight–“The best gift you can give yourself and the ones you love is get healed.” You probably don’t even remember but it sure imprinted in me. A “Richardism” I use a lot-“You can tell your kid what you want them to do all day long but they will become what you are.” Now that one scared the crap out of me the first time I heard it. LOL But there are so many deep roots in my spiritual foundation that have grown from seeds you both planted.

These days my focus tends to be on practicing gratitude, deliberate pursuit of humility, and staying out from under the Holy Spirit’s feet so he can do his thing. He sure puts on a great show, now that I finally stopped trying to run it! Ha!  I guess the very best thing that’s going on spiritually though, it that because I’ve had this shift in my perspective over the past few years about what my actions are in Christ, I am having a pretty wonderful relationship with my kid, which is bewildering. And now that I’ve been practicing that simplicity for awhile, I am learning that he is ever so much more competent than I am at running my life, and everyone else’s, and that all the drama in my life was generated by me. I am having opportunities to minister to not just my kid but also her friends. I don’t think language is adequate, but I do know that an absence of constant anxiety is a gift that keeps on giving, and promotes joy, freedom, and exuberance for life. Now that anxiety is not my normal, I don’t like it when I feel it. I can’t BELIEVE it sometimes, that it is becoming an alien, unwelcome emotion, when it was my constant running buddy for a lifetime. I guess I could maybe say that I’m learning to have internal stops that are spiritual. A spirit that has an imparted gift of self-control. Now, I don’t get it right 100% of the time, but it is safe to say I’m developing a lifestyle of practicing spiritual fitness. So, I can say with honesty that it is good to be living. It is so good. Thank you for all you are in my experience!


Prayer Counseling Client

I enjoyed the Friday night teaching/ministry time and the counseling time with Richard at Church. I would like to talk with Richard about additional counseling sessions. I think you and Richard have a lot to offer people in the area of counseling/healing. I value very highly someone who can provide solid counseling (understanding of people, effects of sin, how God works, and providing help that leads people into freedom) coupled with hearing easily and clearly from God. I’ve been to a good counselor but I appreciate so much more the good counsel combined with words and power and ability to set free. Thank you for coming to North Carolina with all the snow. I certainly enjoyed the seminar and look forward to your next one. Thank you for connecting me with Richard.


Prayer Counseling Client

I really have been cynical about the role of spiritual discernment in the modern church. I am glad I had no idea or expectation concerning my time with Richard. I would have probably been tied up in knots or maybe would even have chickened out on coming. I don’t know but I have felt so good since Saturday! I have felt much more confidence, and it is not necessarily self-confidence. It is confidence in God’s love and approval for me. Confidence in His provision for my family and me. We are going to make it!


Prayer Counseling Client

I first met Nancy on a short term mission trip to South America, but I didn’t know that I needed her help until after I sold my business in 2003.  I didn’t realize until then how much of my personal identity was tied to my position at work, but finding myself at home with no work identity led to a serious bout of depression.  When I began to receive counseling with Nancy, my only goal was that I simply didn’t want to feel bad any more, but she helped me to get to the root of the problem which was an inability to receive and accept God’s love.  She challenged my firmly held beliefs that a person’s worth is based on what they do, on their usefulness.  There is a deeper love that we all need, a love that loves us just because we are–like a good parent’s love for a newborn baby that has yet to do anything but just exist. Phone counseling helped me to get to this need and then some of the teaching sets by Nancy and Richard took me deeper and prepared me to open my heart to receive the love from God that would meet me and change me.  At first, when I realized the depths of my need for God’s love, I had no hope that it would ever be filled.  I also felt ashamed that after walking with the Lord for many years I had never learned this lesson that seemed so basic: “Jesus loves me this I know…..”  Over the weeks however, Nancy’s wisdom, discernment and prayer helped me to break past my hopelessness and shame to a place where I could sit in my need and wait for God to come and fill my most innermost part.  I finished counseling with Nancy quite a while ago, but since the healing was from God Himself, it has remained. I am still not perfect, but I know deep down that my heavenly Father loves me no matter what–on my good days and on my bad days.   And I know that if I should get stuck again, Nancy or Richard are there to help me get going again.


Prayer Counseling Client

I am writing this letter to personally endorse the work of Richard Kinney. I have been in the professional counseling arena for six years and have found his insight, counsel, and spiritual ministry extremely helpful, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I have better learned to hear from God through Richard’s teaching and counsel. This has resulted in a richer, more spiritual journey for me. It has also aided me as a counselor as I am better able to walk by the Spirit with clients. This new sensitivity has resulted in me being a better counselor. Personally, the Lord used Richard to bring freedom and life in an area where I had struggled for nine years. I had received wise counsel and freedom at the hand of other Christian counselors and ministries but this particular area remained untouched and continued to be a large stronghold in my life. I was grateful to God that He led me to Richard and for the gentle ways that God brought healing. Richard and I worked together for a year and three months and the Lord did a thorough healing in an area that has in turn brought more life and abundance in my marriage and the ways I relate to others. I think, most importantly the work we did brought a deeper communion and intimacy with God. For this, I will be forever grateful.


Prayer Counseling Client

I met Richard Kinney years ago and I did not quite know what to make of him and Nancy at that time. They were so different than many of the Christians I had met before. They were happier, and seemed much more real and unrestrained. One thing I found so different about them is that they had a powerful ministry. I noticed that people who counseled with them were healed dramatically. Working with them, I found that for the first time in my life I had the ability to change and grow in the Lord in ways I had not been able to achieve in my whole life. The thing about Richard is that he lives and teaches a no-nonsense, and practical, Christianity. Richard taught me to follow Christ without being stepped on. Through talking with Richard, I learned how to give up much of my legalistic thinking and to live and breathe a real spiritual life. Now I find that people treat me with more respect in both personal and business situations, and I am able to receive the Lord’s love much more freely. Richard also helped me with my work life. Following his advice I was awarded a promotion at work, although I was in a very competitive environment. I asked Richard to talk with my 17 year old son on many occasions, which has led to his increasing confidence and self respect. I have come to have a deep respect and love for both Richard and Nancy, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to grow and mature spiritually.